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Whether it's a meaningful phrase, a beloved name, or a smile you never want to forget - Talaala is a custom jewelry line dedicated to translating your memories and stories into pieces created exclusively for you and your loved ones.
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Wear your memories

Joining the Filipino words Tala (to record) and Alaala (memory), Talaala is a record keeper of stories and memories. Just as we seek to savor every memory, Talaala lets you relive your most cherished moments in every charm and trinket you build into your own custom jewelry.

Talaala x Ayn Bernos

Daily reminders and affirmations engraved on timeless jewelry. Curated by Ayn Bernos, specially made for you.
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Remember everyone who matters and every
special date in every heartbeat, every second.
Engrave what made you who you are today.

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